Bat Control

Bat Exclusion

Commercial Bat Control uses the most updated methods of bat exclusion and prevention available, with prices that you can afford. This is our 26th year here in Texas and still going strong. The Hanks family owned and operated the first Bat Control Company in Texas in 1987. Since then, the number of self proclaiming bat control experts, who charge BIG BUCKS for their services, has increased dramatically. We have bat proofed buildings now in 31 states, from small tool sheds, to big city high-rise buildings. Bats roost in buildings of a variety of sizes and shapes. When bat caves become over populated with bats, they move out and try to start what we call URBAN bat colonies. That's when we come into the picture.

Please take a moment and visit our Services page to take a look at the services that we offer. And don’t forget to visit the Contact Us page to send us a request for a free proposal on your building. You'll be amazed how much more affordable our prices are compared to other companies all around the U.S. We are highly trained professionals with many years of experience. We possess all of the skills and knowledge needed for safe, humane, and successful bat exclusion and prevention. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction that is going to leave you saying:

"WOW! I'm glad I called the Hanks Family!!"